Maxwell Drever

For more than fifty years, Maxwell Drever has been one of the nation’s leading impact real estate investors. Among his numerous achievements have been the repurposing of 47,000+ multifamily apartment complexes, and the overall improvement of the communities in which his re-developments have taken place.  Maxwell Drever continues to serve the underserved workforce housing sector through socially responsible investing.

Maxwell Drever is legendary for his ability to uncover distressed real estate value, control redevelopment risk, and turn his developments into valuable assets.  Supporting his activities are the loyal investor groups that have earned above-average returns with him for decades.  His $3.2 billion in lifetime deal value, covering 20 markets, confirms that fact. His successes have been mentioned in extensive articles appearing in major publications such as The Globe and Mail, Bloomberg News, Forbes Magazine, Reuters, The Financial Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

maxwell drever
maxwell drever
TIBURON, CA – AUGUST 22: Maxwell Drever attends the Fourth Annual Hotbed Gala at The Drever Estate on August 22, 2015 in Tiburon, California.

Amongst the nations most prolific impact real estate investors, responsible for the redevelopment of over 46,000 multi-family apartment complexes, and the key figure behind the revitalization of countless communities, Maxwell Drever now seeks to build private/public platforms that help increase the pace of Affordable Workforce Housing developments throughout the USA.

Maxwell Drever – Education

As a youngster, Maxwell was, in his own description, “an anemic, asthmatic wimp with ADHD and a mischievous streak.” Seeking an initial venture to help focus his ADHD-fueled enthusiasm, he chose to establish a mushroom ranch in the cellar of his family’s Geneva, IL home. His parents’ quickly objected though, based on the manure he carried in daily to comfort his young mushrooms.  He found other outlets however and quickly.  The two most interesting; a gardening business, and a service that painted house numbers on street sidewalks. If you ask Maxwell where his passion for nurturing young minds gained speed, he would point to the struggles he faced during his own youth.

Maxwell Drever attended Lake Forest Academy for high school. . While there, he excelled at sports, captaining his school’s football, wrestling, and track teams. What he learned about leadership at Lake Forest helped him develop the compassionate leadership that catapulted him to a life of personal and professional success.  

Maxwell Drever attended the University of Illinois, graduating with a B.A. in Finance. While first wanting to concentrate on becoming a Certified Public Accountant, he found himself intrigued by the business of Real Estate. His first real estate deal included nine friends who agreed to invest with him in the renovation of a dilapidated triplex in Sausilito, CA.  The faith they placed him resulted in a 400% return on investment for each.

Maxwell’s career took off after that first deal, and by the late 1980s, he was one of the main buyers of Multi-Family Apartment complexes from the Resolution Trust Company.  During the 1990s, he became the largest private landlord in Houston TX.

Maxwell is the father of seven extraordinary children, and at age 80, an exceptionally active senior. So, if one day you happen to spend the afternoon looking out over San Francisco Bay you may see a lone person swimming right down the center.  That person may just be Maxwell Drever, out on one of his daily swims (sans bodysuit!)