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Maxwell Drever Talks About Top 3 Ways Affordable Housing Can Boost Local Economies

Affordable housing is one of the most misunderstood concepts by the public. Misconceptions and myths regarding affordable housing developments are dependent on the value of the property, the negative stereotypes, and the change it can bring to the neighborhoods explains Maxwell Drever. These are some of the most common arguments that complement the affordable housing crisis. 

The lack of affordable and safe housing is impacting the cities of the United States. Cities not capable of providing affordable housing will not only lose potential workers but also decrease the growth of the local economies. 

Even though the people who have stable and safe houses might not realize the severity of the affordable housing crisis; the effects are severe amongst the lower and middle-income families. 

The high cost of the houses will not only slow down the economy of the country but also enhance the unemployment rate. Here are the top 3 ways reasonably priced housing can improve the local economy. 

More Money Spent on the Local Neighborhood

This is maybe one of the best benefits of affordable housing as it increases discretionary spending rapidly. For most citizens of the United States, rent is undoubtedly the most important and biggest monthly expense to bear. When the loss of income enhances the risks of not being capable of paying the rent, people won’t be able to spend money on items that would ultimately hurt economic growth. However, if people have access to affordable housing, they will be able to pay the rent without any problem. Additionally, this way they will be able to spend their money on local purchases. Not only the people will be able to afford better healthcare, but also food, clothes, and other types of daily expenses. 

Affordable Housing Will Increase Job Opportunities

Another great impact of affordable housing is the number of job opportunities it can create. Not only it will develop the long-term social growth of the employment rate but also enhance job opportunities during the construction phases. For instance, the economic impact of developing a house can provide the real estate businesses to hire construction and manufacturing processes to develop more affordable homes, stated Maxwell Drever. This will open new job vacancies for the people. After that, the housing centers will be focusing on operations, maintenance, and other types of leasing jobs so that they can maintain the job vacancies properly. 

Apart from that, there are other multiple types of opportunities for affordable housing in the local economies. This is because the job vacancy is completely dependent upon the economy. 

Better Investment Opportunities in Future

Another great economic benefit of affordable housing is the decrease of poverty in the United States. When the Government focuses on providing the children with a more equitable and better path. They will be able to build healthier and stronger economies in the future. Helping the kids with tools to enhance their social mobility is not only a moral argument. But also one of the best ways to boost the economies of the communities, says Maxwell Drever.

Affordable and stable homes are the primary foundation of everything else. It allows the children to develop healthy habits while also encouraging them to focus more on their studies. 


These are the top 3 ways affordable housing can improve the economy of the United States. Government should take everything necessary to supper the development of affordable homes across various regions of the United States. This will help families to live without facing cost-burdened issues.