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Maxwell Drever : The Salina Housing Study Addresses the Housing Issue

A detailed housing assessment was done on Salina City in Kansas in 2016. The Housing Study focused on the following points:

We need to take care of our older housing and clean up our existing neighborhoods.

The cost of housing is too high. We need more affordable options.

A wide range of new housing products is needed in Salina today, especially 2 – 3 bedroom houses, independent senior living, townhouses, and apartments.

An addition to the Housing Study was completed in 2021. Following are some of the points that were highlighted:

First of all, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in Salina. A presentation reviewed the housing conditions and other factors of Salina. Maxwell Drever, an advisor at the Drever Atelier Partners, LLC, spearheaded the research.

Results of the Housing Study

The study results revealed that housing in Salina needs to scale fast, have diversity, be available at affordable rates, provide quality amenities, and improve overall quality to attract more residents.

A quarter of the units must be multi-family rentals. Instead of the 5,000 apartments that Salina needs for its 20,000 households, the city has only 500 apartments.

The existing houses are old, don’t have many amenities, and are in bad condition. In August 2021, Salina had 1,600 job openings but only two apartment’s listings.

Another issue that the workforce is facing is turnover replacements. Salina wants employees from outside the sea. The community here is not doing so well as there is no connection between the housing inventory and business. This is the biggest challenge, which if the city passes, it will be able to increase the life quality of Salina’s residents.

The project is now evolving. It includes different sizes of apartments, houses, and cottages that will cater to different family sizes. It will also include benefits for teaching assistants and childcare providers.

Within the project, a development by the name “Penleigh” will offer cottages in a village that will offer families plenty of amenities, green space, and a community to build a life.

Workforce Housing

Maxwell Drevers team looked at the current wage rates in Salina to determine how low and high or low the market rent should be set so it is affordable for everyone. The information provided them with guidance and a solid platform to start building projects.

Stephen Roulac, an analytics advisor, believes that economic development is also important to attract talent and companies. For this to happen, quality housing should be constructed that meets the needs of people and makes them want to stick around for longer.

Future Plans

Rodger Sparks, the Commission Chairman of Saline County, has been overseeing the project and applauding its progress rate. In 12 weeks, Maxwell Drever‘s team will look for financial support to make sure the project keeps going.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Eric Brown, is also thankful to Drever and his team for looking into the housing needs of Salina. In the next ten years, this housing project will completely change the outlook of Salina and put it on the map amongst the big leagues.