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Want to convert hotels into affordable residential units? See what Maxwell Drever has to suggest

Maxwell Drever

In March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic was taking the entire world under its folds, various governments decided to limit the spread of the virus. Federal and state governments tried their level best to ensure better health and safety for their citizens says Maxwell Drever. In this scenario, the transformation of downtown hotels into residential units was a significant step by higher authorities worldwide.

You must be thinking, why? The answer is to serve the workforce population. The city required private living spaces for individuals experiencing eviction in the short term. Relieving these individuals at the existing shelter was the primary motive of every institute. The hotels were thus a safe place where people could isolate themselves and stay close to their job location. In the long run, the city planning and redevelopment of the property into permanent apartments would ensure a better supply of affordable residential units. 

Look at the official figures

As reflected by Maxwell Drever, various individuals in community planning, innovation, and development try to cater to the growing demand for housing supply. A brief look at governmental records would reveal that in the emergency phase, the people belonging to the workforce population faced homelessness. In such a situation, hotel owners and landlords came forward to transform their vacant properties to help the persistently homeless individuals. More than 600 individuals stayed in different locations temporarily.  

Detail guide on Public health statistics

Since the health crisis was mounting high, several properties got repurposed for fulfilling the housing requirement. It was a viable step for ensuring deep investment and reducing the risk of homelessness. If you look at it from the financial and political perspective, you will see that it reaps benefits for every section of society. 

Cities share the same position. They are using their hotels and vacant estates for emergency housing due to early adaptation by local and state governments. However, the process is not that easy. Studies reveal that housing programs must ensure collaboration of the public and private sectors to ensure better results. Providing a safe and secure home to individuals belonging. To low and medium-income families requires proper planning and its due execution. 

The near future

Various strategies are evolving since the world is heading towards the next coronavirus outbreak. A few states are coming up with housing programs and taking initiatives. To repurpose their hotel rooms into temporary residential units. For this, Maxwell Drever elucidates that proper assessment of the property; appropriate location of the hotel, and repair and rectification of the rooms is necessary. If people want to fight the battle of housing shortage, every section of society must come together. 

On the other hand, governments must play the role of a monitoring body. By providing accessible grants and financial assistance to these hotel owners and investors, you can ensure a better supply of housing units. Whether temporary housing or permanent residences, governments must ensure the relaxation of zoning protocol and abandon their strict approach. It will provide better conversion and curtail the housing shortage shortly.