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Want to solve the issue of the affordable workforce-housing crisis? Here is what Maxwell Drever reveals

Multiple institutes are interested in welfare issues connected with safe, secure, and affordable residences in modern times says Maxwell Drever. These residential units are called affordable housing units that provide shelter to the workforce population. Remember that the workforce population spends 30% of their income on paying rent. Hence, if you go by a simple definition of affordable housing, it is a residential unit that is affordable to medium-income families. 

Affordable housing has become a vast challenge for modern economies. The workforce population is increasing at an alarming rate, but affordable residential units are not improving. Since 2019, medium-income groups have struggled to get accommodations within their affordability. Hence, it is increasing their expenses along with other economic challenges. On average, these families do not get access to affordable residences in city centers. Consequently, there is always a high demand for affordable housing units. 


Yes, you heard it right. Affordable housing provides countless opportunities for the monetary growth of society. Although the affordable housing crisis is a global problem, it also brings various options. 

Since individuals require safe housing, the other sections can provide them with this lodging. Hence, property owners, real estate developers, investors, and hotel owners can come together to furnish them with a safe and secure place. Remember that community feeling is necessary to realize this. Maxwell Drever anticipates individuals must come together to analyze this goal of providing the workforce population with a healthy and happy life. It is an ideal opportunity for real estate investors and hotel owners. They must understand the benefit of Investing in workforce housing development. 

Role of the government

The government plays a primary role in the real estate industry. Remember that through rules and regulations, they can monitor different projects. As a significantly higher authority, it is the government’s responsibility to understand the demand of the workforce. The workforce population, which forms the backbone of society, is the service providers. 

Hence responding to their requests is the responsibility of the government. The more responsive they are, the better their future will be. By way of different programs and policies, they may initiate residential units and create employment opportunities for the workforce population. Along with this, the government must provide resources and funding for these projects. Only then can these projects be realized. 

The role of the community

A positive attitude among different members of the community is essential. Remember, there are various misconceptions associated with affordable housing demand. People believe that affordable housing is not beneficial for landlords and hotel owners. However, it is not so. If you have an in-depth understanding of affordable housing, you will comprehend that it is a problem for the workforce population and society. Hence, Maxwell Drever believes community feeling and collaborative work are the need of the hour. 

Landlords and real estate investors must come forward to engage in philanthropic activities. It is not only a problem of one section but every section of the community. Hence, resolving this issue is the responsibility of every individual in society.